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AROGalaxy Dashboard

Configure and Launch Miners

With our easy to use workers wizard, you can easily configure and launch any Windows, Linux, or OSX based computer miners.

Real-Time Stats and Tracking

You can log into your dashboard and view current statistics on any running workers, including hash rate, submits, error rates, and much more!

Supporting the Arionum Coin Market

By only accepting Arionum coins as payment, we are supporting the currency on many fronts. Mining, stats, information, and markets. All Arionum...


Live Java CPU Miner Tracking

Get minute by minute live tracking of your CPU based Arionum Java Miners, programmed by ProgrammerDan. Get live hash rates, hash rate history, and watch as your miners go on and offline.


SMS and Email Updates

Want to know if one of your miners crashes and stops mining? What about if your new config just won a block reward? With our SMS and Email update system, you can configure and receive notifications for when your miners go live, if they stop mining, or if they find a block and receive a reward.


Mulitple Wallet Address Tracking

With our wallet tracking feature, you can set up one wallet, or track multiple wallet balances and transactions. With a single click you can view wallet transactions for any wallet. All wallet balances will be included in daily email update statistics.


Miner Configuration Wizard

Our configuration wizard will graphically help you build config files for your java based cpu miners. With each configuration comes seperate tracking and stats, so you can dial in that optimal configuration by analyzing and comparing seperate miner configurations.


Daily Email Update

If enabled, at the end of every day you will receive an email with a summary of your daily mining and wallet stats/values. Keep on top of your Arionum coin profits and main influencers.


Many Extras

Some other features inside app are the dashboard page: a single page to view live miner stats, wallet values, coin values, and a live cryptocurrencty ticker widget. Also included in the Mining Center is a mining pool widget, which reports all statistics (hash rate, hash rate history, last block won, current miners, miner history, totals paid, and current status) updated every 20 minutes.